Thursday, May 7, 2009

Untittle ok........

"U'll Always Be In My Heart"

'U' is very special,
'U' always tells me what's right
I wish I could tell 'U' I'm leaving,
And I wish I could tell 'U' good-bye.
I hope that 'U' already knows
That I ..................... 'U' very much.
I know that 'U' will never forget me,
And we will always try to keep in touch.

But in years to come,
I know we will see each other again,
When we do I will tell 'U'
We have to sit and talk because
There's something I haven't told 'U'
And there's something I've been meaning to say.
I will take a deep breath and
Give 'U' a big hug and
Look 'U' in the eyes and say:
I asked 'U' to come here because,
I thought 'U' might want to know,
That when I left I forgot to say,
I ..................... 'U' !!!!!
Good Bye Dear myspace graphic comments

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